Ring of Tarrasque: The First Artifact - Dota 2 Crossover

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  When Valve announced Artifact, a Dota 2 themed card game, the fans were thrilled at the idea that this will be the place where possible new Dota 2 heroes will make their first appearance.

  Artifact does feature nine heroes that are not in Dota 2, as well as a plethora of items. Interestingly enough, there are 48 items in total in Artifact right now and just 10 of them are familiar to the Dota 2 players as they share the same name and to some extent, they provide similar buffs or have the same utility as they do in Valve’s MOBA game.

  Dota 2 items featured in Artifact:

  Blink Dagger





  Shiva’s Guard

  Helm of the Dominator

  Phase Boots

  Healing Salve

  Town Portal Scroll

  Ring of Tarrasque is now in both games, but it was at first an Artifact only item. In the card game, it provides 4 health points and a regeneration buff to a hero.


  With the 7.20 patch released earlier this week, Valve added the item to Dota 2 as well. The latest Dota 2 patch is big and along with hero reworks, map and mechanics changes, it also brought five new items to the game. Two of them were something that the community asked for since Kaya made it to the game, last year in December. Yasha and Kaya and Kaya and Sange can be regarded more like two hybrid items with pretty narrow hero use given their mixed stats: Strength plus Intellect, Agility plus Intellect respectively.


  The other three items introduced this week are completely new to Dota 2. Ring of Tarrasque, as its name suggests, is now a component for Heart of Tarrasque, and given the HP regen and the 150 health points increase that it provides, it’s a good purchase for most heroes. More than that, the item also combines into a support item, Holy Locket, which is also one of the five items added in Dota 2 with the 7.20 patch.


  Ring Of Tarrasque marks the first crossover from Artifact to Dota 2 and it proves the theory that, at some given point, Artifact heroes will make their way into Valve’s MOBA game as well. But, before that happens, the Dota 2 players are still waiting for Mars to make his appearance, as Valve announced the hero to be released sometime this winter.